Policy No. 214


It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of the North Merrick Public Library to provide delivery of library materials to the homes of individuals in his/her ability to visit the library due to illness, surgery, or long term disability, who reside within the North Merrick UFSD.


The objective of this policy is to provide a mechanism whereby North Merrick Public Library patrons who are physically unable to visit the Library will have the means to have library materials delivered to them at home.


A library employee or volunteer will deliver library materials to individuals participating in the Library’s Homebound Service.

To qualify for Homebound Service an individual must:

1) Reside within the North Merrick UFSD and possess a North Merrick Public Library Card

2) Submit an application form to the Library, accompanied by a doctor’s note stating that the applicant cannot physically visit the library due to illness, surgery, or long term disability.

3) Forfeit their library card upon approval to participate in the Homebound Service Program (which will be held on file at the Library for the entire duration of individual’s participation in the program).

The Director and/or staff member(s) designated by the Director will review all applications to participate in the program.

The Library can request that a participant in the program be required to send in a new application to verify that he/she still qualifies to participate in the program, or forfeit his/her right to further participation in the program.

Participants in the Homebound Service Program will be entitled to have library materials delivered to their home within the following guidelines:

1) All borrowing and delivery will be by appointment, with the program participant calling the Reference Department to make the arrangements.

2) Participants will be permitted to receive one delivery/pickup per week. The visit will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.   (Additional deliveries/pickups may be scheduled at the discretion of library personnel, but only if they can be readily accommodated based on staff/volunteer availability).

3) Participants may borrow up to 15 items per delivery.

4) Rules regarding the maximum number of items that may be borrowed at one time (i.e. the number of newly released films on DVD that can be borrowed at one time) will remain enforced for Homebound Service.

5) Materials that have been borrowed should be ready for pickup by the delivery service on or before their due date.

6) Materials will be assigned their standard date, but a longer loan period can be assigned to an item at the time of checkout at the discretion of the staff employee who is discharging an item.

7) Materials will be delivered to the door, and no inside deliveries will be made.

8) All renewals of library materials for the homebound will be in accordance with already established policies with the exception that requests for homebound material renewals will also be accepted over the phone.


Approved by the Board of Trustees on August, 16, 2011