Please help keep our library quiet
and free of distractions by following the
Library Rules of Conduct:

Respect the rights of all patrons to enjoy the use of the library without interference.

Limit cell phone use and food consumption, to the east or west vestibules only.

Keep headphones at a low volume so as not to disturb others, and refrain from using audible devices without a headphone on the library property.

Leave library furniture where it has been placed by library staff.

Be polite: talk quietly, and refrain from using profanity or speaking in abusive or uncivil tones.  Exhibiting disorderly, harassing or threatening behavior in not permitted.

Wear shirt and shoes in the library and refrain from wearing clothing that could cause disruption, including clothing with offensive odors.

Show respect for library staff by complying with staff instructions and refraining from interfering with the conduct of library business, including not entering “staff only” areas without an invitation.

Respect the privacy of other library patrons.  Also, soliciting signatures on petitions or undertaking commercial activities of any kind are not allowed.

Refrain from bringing animals into the Library, with the exception of guide animals. 


Rules of Conduct adopted July 19, 2011